JULY 2015
31 Bush Stone-curlew callig alon Allen Road.  Second consecurive day of Noisy Friarbird along Allen Road.
30 Lewin's Honeyeater at Allen Road; first since June.  Only third Noisy Friarbird here since April.
29 Wedge-tailed Eagle between Kilkivan and Goomeri.
28 Noisy Friarbird still at Allen Road. 
27 Return of Noisy Friarbird to Allen Road; last noted here on 14 July.
26 No reports submitted.
25 Black Kite being sorely harassed by Torresian Crow just outside Brooklands.  50+ Little Corella in paddock outside Brooklands
24 Red-winged Parrot [male] at Allen Road.
23 Return of Scaly-breasted Lorikeet to Allen Road.  Brown Goshawks also makes a return to Allen Road.
22 Return of White-headed Pigeon to D'Aguilar Highway, outside  Blackbutt; last reported from here in October 2014.
21 Bush Stone-curlew returns to Allen Road.  Brown Falcon over Barkers Creek Flats.
20 Grey-crowned Babbler appear to be making a concerted effort to return; 5 noted this morning using Wren Garden birdbath.  Both Black-shouldered Kite and Nankeen Kestrel reported en route to and returning from Kingaroy.
19 2 Pheasant Coucals reports along Rocky Creek Road.  Whistling Kite on McGillivray Road.
18 No reports submitted.
17 Whistling Kite noted at roadkill along Nanango-Tarong Road.
16 Fay Bielewicz reports 2 Yellow-rumped Thornbill near Kingaroy town centre.
15 Fay Bielewicz reports 6 Brown Quail along Major Road.
14 3 Grey-crowned Babblers at Allen Road
13 Fay Bielewicz reports hearing Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo over Allen Road.
12 Fay Bielewicz reports White-faced Heron on her Allen Road property; unusual for here.  Whistling Kite pair and a White-bellied Sea-eagle over the shallow end of Meandu Creek Dam.
11 Return of Striped Honeyeater to Allen Road.  Grey-crowned Babbler to Allen Road.10 White-winged Chough, 3 Grey-crowned Babbler and 2 Fairy Martin reported from highway en route to Kingaroy.  6 Cockatiel noted on overhead wires alongside Wooroolin Wetlands Reserve.  3 Black-shouldered Kite and one Nankeen Kestrel reported on road between Wooroolin and Kingaroy
10 Blue-faced Honeyeater appear to be making something of a comeback along Allen Road.
9 Rare appearance of Brown Honeyeater at 63 Allen Road.
8 3 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo along Allen Road.
7 Fay Bielewicz reports Spotted Harrier hunting over paddock at junction with Wallinsons and Jensens Roads.
6 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo at Allen Road.
5 Reports from Neumgna Road of Red-backed Fairywren and Red-browed Finch.
4 Reports from Mt Marbletop of Pheasant Coucal, Spotted Pardaloe and Eastern Yellow Robin.

0520 hours: Plumed Whistling-Duck flying by over Allen Road.   Top views of Azure Kingfisher diving into Meandu Creek along Barkers Creek flats.  Black-shouldered Kite and Nankeen Kestrel at Coolabunia.


6 White-winged Chough at Allen Road; largest flock since 8 in October 2014.


Peaceful Dove appears to be making a small return to Allen Road.  10 Straw-necked Ibis flew by overhead along Allen Road.  Whistling Kite reported from Black Creek Dam.